So Many Firsts!

With my dear husband, I’m having so many ‘firsts’ in my life. The first one is that I’m the first woman he ever truly loved. He’s my first marriage, my first time living with a romantic partner (I lived with my parents or in a college dorm room up until my wedding day. I guess you can say that I’m pretty old fashioned!), and now, my first time property owning partner (never owned any property until I got married). So many firsts! The first true love is so powerful, and I gave it all to this husband of mine. Every single day, I thank God that I was so lucky to have them all be with him. Honestly, if our future kids ask me who my first true love was and is, I can point to my husband. I have prayed for him long before I ever met him. I was 13 when he first came to my mind. I knew my heart belonged to him.

This new first in our lives is going to take a lot to get used to, but we are so excited! We are truly ‘playing house’ now. Our apartment is a mess, as we are going through everything we have. One thing we like to joke about is that I have too many books. He thinks I have too many books, and I think we have too little book space! I guess I could stand to donate some, as I have a lot of books on my Kindle. Hmm, where would I donate them? That is a good question! I also have too many art supplies (colored pencils, yarn, knitting needles, scrapbook stuff, etc…), so I suppose I should go through those as well!

Can’t wait to decorate our condo, so I’m browsing through Pinterest, and ‘pinning’ the ideas I love. These ideas seem to be focused on our master bathroom, kitchen, our craft room, and our master bedroom. Those say a lot about the priorities in my life: my marriage, creative endeavors, entertaining, and self-love/nurturing. With the fact I’m in eating disorder recovery, this makes a lot of sense!

Honestly with packing, I haven’t started, as I am overwhelmed. I don’t even know where to start. I’m sure that I’ll do what I typically do in times like this: wait until the last moment, and get it all done in a short spurt of time! I’m just that talented! If anyone has any advice about this transition, please let me know! I welcome the advice!

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