Letting Go: Resistance to Change

When it comes to blogging, I should really keep the momentum going, so please be patient with me as I start getting into the habit of writing more often. There’s just a lot going on right now. Husband and I are officially moving to our new condo tomorrow. We won’t have internet until the 25th in the evening, so I’m probably gonna come home from work tomorrow, and delve into some artwork. At least I’ll have a lot to post on Instagram and DeviantArt.

Today, we finally got the majority of our belongings into our condo, but swarms of unopened bags and boxes are standing in our way to making it truly a home. I have faith in my husband and I as a team. We can do this, tackling one thing at a time. Tomorrow, our furniture will be in our condo as well, and we will start building from the bottom up.

This experience has had a marked impact on our marriage. It started out a bit rocky when I was in denial about how soon we were moving. I was procrastinating because I was overwhelmed. Go figure! The fact my husband had to convince me that this condo was the one should have been a hint. Now I’m in love with the place! I’m actually excited now that I’m on board with this.

I started out fighting the process, but now I’m just as excited as he is. I have always been resistant to change, but I guess that is a lesson that keeps repeating itself. I need to learn to let go, and just go with the natural ebb and flow of life. I have been resistant to change since I was a child, according to my mother.

Back to the topic at hand: This move has been impacting our marriage in a positive way, bringing us closer, as we have no choice but to rely on each other. The idea of owning our own home is romantic, as we now have all our ducks in a row when it comes to creating our life together as our own little family. Now, I pray one of those fuckers don’t waddle off! Dang ducks! If one of them do wonder off, at least I’ll have more to blog about!

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