Valentines Day: A Dose of Reality

Valentine’s Day is both a day my husband and I make fun of, and celebrate. Just this morning, I decorated my planner with hearts, cute sayings, Bible verses, and of course, some black stuff and spider webs for good measure because I felt like being rebellious. All kidding aside, husband and I love to steer away from the cliché, and do our own thing. Actually, this year we forgot to buy each other gifts, but he woke me up with a big kiss, and a cuddle. That’s better than a dozen roses anyways, in my humble opinion.

What are you all doing today? We decided to indulge in a little cliché with a nice dinner out, and then home for a movie and some cuddles. Even though we have the same opinion of the Hallmark holiday, the same opinion we have is what binds us together today. That is one of the most important things in a marriage, being best friends, and being able to talk, laugh, and be partners in crime! At the same time, during the almost four years of marriage, we have become closer than ever as lovers as well.

We still feel like newlyweds, though at times we want to bonk each other’s heads with cardboard paper towel rolls. Marriage is not perfect, but it is something to be worked on daily. We have had our fair share of arguments and awkward silences, but in the end, we can’t stay away from each other, because we are deeply in love. On this glamorous love day, the realities of marriage still exist, and I’m here to remind you that it will never be a perfect fairy tale. I would  marry him all over again given the chance. Love is what binds us together until death do us part.

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