Busting Writer’s Block

Busting Writer’s Block

Looking back on the eight months of not blogging, I’m realizing that writer’s block can lock up a writer’s hands for indefinite amounts of time. I feel that this is what happened to me. I’m writing again after doing some journaling and free writing, developing the courage to blog again.

The first thing that broke my writer’s block is realizing that God is the Creator, and we are made in His image. Since we are made in His image, we are made to create. God created us to be instruments in His hands so He can carry out His perfect will.

The second thing that freed me was just starting somewhere. Just write something, anything. I suggest journaling and/or free writing. Free writing is writing without stopping, correcting, or editing. Just write whatever comes to mind for a certain amount of time, and see what comes out. The third step is to continue writing. Simple, right?

As you write, ideas will come from ideas, and the words will flow like running water. Sometimes this happens when you’re not even writing. Often, I get some of my best ideas when I am in the shower, when I’m trying to sleep, or when I am working. I’m sure that many can relate to this.

This is why the idea of “capturing” is important. Capture machines are devices used to capture ideas that pop into your mind. One of the biggest lies we often tell ourselves is that we will remember the idea. We won’t remember much of the time, so it is best to write them down.

Another idea when you want to write and the words won’t come is to simply step away from the writing, and do something else. That way, we can come back to our writing with fresh eyes (and fresh ideas). Often, I love doing something else creative in order to keep my momentum going.

When I think of us made in God’s image, I think of who God is, and how we reflect Him in so many ways, especially our creativity. We were made to be creative just as He is. We are His Children, so naturally we desire to imitate Him.

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