Winter Hibernation

Is it just me, or does it feel like we are living inside a snow globe that keeps shaking? I don’t mind the snow as an introvert, because it means curling up with a book and some hot chocolate. I know the traffic conditions are not ideal, but husband and I only go out if we absolutely have to, like for work or groceries.

The snow doesn’t seem so bad when I close my eyes, dive under my blankets, and imagine myself at a beach in Hawaii. As of late, I have been getting good at traveling in my imagination or through a really good book. Currently, I’m reading a book called “Wait and See”, by Wendy Pope. Husband tells me that I have way too many books, and that’s ok!

It is about life’s waits and pauses, and the fact that us Americans are not very good at waiting. It’s hard to wait for winter to be over, but I keep telling myself that everything has it’s season, pun totally intended.

Perhaps this season is about hibernation, storing energy for the coming spring. With the snow and arctic conditions at times, it is hard to stay inside, as becoming stir crazy is quite common. Not only the winter, but with the pandemic, it is common. I’m getting pretty stir crazy, and I can’t wait for weather conditions to thaw out! How is this current winter weather, along with the pandemic affecting you?

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