A Vibrant Introvert

Ever since losing weight and getting healthier with the paleo diet and lifestyle, my confidence and energy have skyrocketed, and I feel a new vibrancy and zest for life. I feel like a brand new woman, and I’m loving it!

Recently went with my husband on a trip to Hawaii, and we saw my family. It was so much fun, and a great way to reconnect after the pandemic. We went to the ocean to swim, went snorkeling, went boating, had some fun cocktail hours, dinners on the beach, and fun family game nights. It was bittersweet towards the end of the trip, and I actually cried a little when we all had to say goodbye.

Just today, I went swimming at the neighborhood pool, and felt confident in my bathing suit, something new after losing 25 pounds on the paleo diet. Today was a beautiful day: overcast, but the sun still came out. The temperature was warm, and the air, balmy and humid. Some other people were swimming, but I was too shy to approach them and say hello. I’m trying to get over the shyness, and make some friends.

I have always been shy and quiet, preferring my books over a night on the town, or a bubble bath over a cocktail party. Can anyone relate? How do you balance a social life with being an introvert?

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