IdealYou: 5 More Lessons I Have Learned

Hard to believe that now I’m fitting into clothes I haven’t worn since I got married almost six years ago! IdealYou has truly been a God-sent in my life, and I highly recommend it! I’ve talked about it in my past few blogs. I’m back with 5 more lessons I have learned through my weight loss journey.

  1. Be Moderate: While sticking to the plan, it is ok to indulge. Cravings are a natural part of the weight loss journey. While eating my fruits, veggies, and proteins, I also drink tea with a natural sweetener to quench a sweet craving, and I use Liquid Stevia Chocolate Sweet Drops to quench my chocolate cravings. Apple cider vinegar also helps with cravings.
  2. Don’t Give Up: There are a few times in my first round in the program that I wanted to give up because the program seemed too hard and daunting, and I wanted to rebel. Back when I first started the program, I thought of and wrote down my ‘why’, my reason for being on the program. My ‘why’ is to decrease my risk of developing diabetes (something that runs in my family), and feel younger, more vibrant, more alive, and be able to have more energy. Another part of not giving up is if you fall off track, jump back in, and keep going. Mistakes happen, and it is all part of the process.
  3. Drink Water: This may sound like a cliché piece of advice, but it is important. I often mistake hunger and thirst, and eat more than I should. I make sure now to drink plenty of water, because not only does it curb hunger, it increases energy, regulates body temperature, lubricates joints to increase flexibility, it increases skin health and beauty, and many more benefits, according to an article on Medical News Today.
  4. Eat Slow and Mindfully: Eating slow and mindfully not only enhances the experience of eating delicious nurturing food, it allows the body to register sooner that it is full.
  5. Perspective Matters: As I noted previously in this blog, it is important to go into a weight loss journey, or any kind of journey for that matter, with a ‘why’ statement in mind. When hard times come, remembering your ‘why’ puts it all into perspective.

The ten lessons I have mentioned in this blog and in my last blog were sometimes learned the hard way, and others were learned through the experience in general. I’m thankful I have the chance to lose weight in a healthy paleo way. Thank you, IdealYou for working with me, and helping me become the ideal, healthy, and vibrant version of myself! This experience has truly changed my life!

2 responses to “IdealYou: 5 More Lessons I Have Learned”

  1. Excellent blog! Thank you fir sharing.


  2. Excellent blog! Thank you fir sharing.


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