Reiki: A Journey to Wellness

Reiki: A Journey to Wellness

Hey everyone! This week, I’m gonna shift gears and talk about something a little different. I have always been into natural healing, particularly, energy healing, which is what drew me to reiki. Reiki is a healing art, a Japanese form of energy healing involving palm or hands on healing that encourages emotional and/or physical healing. Reiki roughly translates into the phrase “universal life energy”.

One thing I want to make clear is that reiki is not associated with any religion, nor is it a religious practice. It is natural energy, and people of many religions are attuned to it. This includes Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Islam, Judaism, etc. It is a practice that works with any faith to promote emotional and physical healing. I personally call upon the name of “Jesus” in my healing efforts, as it is not me who is healing, but God working through me.

I got into it when I was in college, struggling with my weight, my asthma, and allergies, as well as some emotional struggles. I was on some medications, and I was finding that they weren’t enough to fully help me. I was on the hunt for something else, anything else.

I first found out about reiki when I went to a natural supply store, and asked the knowledgeable store owner about natural healing. She suggested types of healing, like aromatherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, crystal healing, reiki, and a few others. The word “reiki” caught my attention, because it sounded so foreign. I learned more about it in the book section of the store, and became intrigued.

I learned more about it through books, YouTube videos, internet articles, and other research, and soon, I wanted to be attuned to it. What I mean by “attuned” is being receptive and aware of something, in order to share it with others. Luckily, there was a class going on at the store. Without hesitation, I signed up, and a few days later, the class took place. I became attuned to the first degree of reiki. A few months later, I was attuned to the second degree.

I practiced reiki on myself daily, and learned more on my own. After a while however, I got out of the habit of practicing, and soon, found myself back in an emotional struggle. I returned to the store where I first started with reiki, and found a reiki master/teacher I meshed well with, and she reattuned me, and helped me to further my knowledge of the practice, starting with reviewing my knowledge of Reiki 1 and 2. I became a reiki master, and soon, I’m planning to become certified as a reiki master/teacher.

My husband is strongly supportive, and even asks me for reiki sometimes. It helps me to get more practice. Reiki, in addition to losing weight with IdealYou have set me on a trajectory towards optimal health and wellness.

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