Fall Colors & Life Updates

I know I go through long-ish periods without blogging, but for some reason, I felt the need to write today. The days are getting shorter, and the temps are feeling a lot cooler. When I go outside, the autumn trees and their majestic colors just take my breath away. The season is changing, and a lot has been going on in Mark and my lives.

The process of adoption is still underway, and right now, it is a waiting game where we are waiting for an expectant mother to choose us to be the parents of her child. As well as adoption, we are also pursuing fertility treatments. So far when it comes to fertility options, there’s a lot of hope with Mark and me. We pray daily for our miracle baby, and love him/her already. This baby will be so loved and blessed!

The business I work for is going through a slow period with not as much business, however, we expect things to pick up in the near future. This slowness has given my assistant manager and I a little more free time to just relax and store energy for when things get busy. We will need that, I’m sure! I love my job, as customers are so fun to talk to, and to help.

Speaking of business, I’m almost half way through my integrative health coach class. This week, I learned about setting goals, and entrepreneurship. I also learned about the subjects of hormonal balance and detox. Each week, I learn about different aspects of holistic health. Last week, I learned about creativity. This class is so much fun, and something I’m very much interested in, and passionate about.

Some of my goals for the weeks ahead are to get serious about building my integrative health coach business, and muster up the courage to start practicing my coaching skills. One of the graduation requirements of my class is to practice on at least six people. Another goal of mine is to create an outline of a book I want to write, and start writing chapter summaries. Next month is National Novel Writing Month, and though the event focuses on fiction, I’m participating by writing non-fiction.

The holidays are approaching fast, so I’m trying to store up energy to do my very best when my job at the mall gets busier. This is when planning and goal setting becomes crucial in order to stay on top of things. I do love my job where I get to help parents and children, encouraging them to take a break from holiday bustle to have a little fun riding animal scooters. I think I’m just about ready.

I’m looking forward to the festivity of the holidays, though it is the busiest time of year. I really want to start decorating the house a little, and get into the Christmas spirit. Halloween is gonna come in two more days, so I’m fully aware that I’m jumping the gun. It is still October, but I’m getting really excited!

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